RDS Story

The RDS Story

A new model to create the best treatments possible

The focus of Unifund’s new entity, Recovery Decision Science, was on creating the best treatments possible. And our goal was simple: to generate completely new revenues out of accounts that hadn’t yet paid a dime. This required completely rethinking how we approached innovation, operations, cross-functional teamwork and spending.  We knew we had to drive treatments on our inventory at levels we had previously never considered.

In a relatively short time, our work began to pay dividends. We were finding that accounts that had previously paid nothing were turning revenue at a rate of nearly six times gross multiple! We knew we had developed a groundbreaking approach to asset treatments. Out of this experience, Recovery Decision Science was born.

We knew we weren’t the only ones sitting on volumes of non-paying accounts. With the creation of RDS, we decided to bring what we had learned to the industry. Today, RDS is built around an innovative and groundbreaking suite of analytical products we call PAYMETRIX. Our core PAYMETRIX products are:


    A sophisticated suit-decisioning tool using our proprietary Rainfall model to accurately pinpoint the right accounts to litigate at the right time.


    Our proprietary asset search model, used for pre-litigation or post-judgment collection.

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