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RDS Data Science Products and Services

Knowledge is power, in asset management as in life. A lack of good information can result in poor forecasting, bad decision making and unpredictable results, costing you precious time and money or worse, trust and good will.
Our menu of asset management tools provides the information you need to intelligently and efficiently manage your receivables:

  • Sophisticated analytic platform
  • Seasoned data scientists and business intelligence professionals
  • Exhaustive business intelligence platform
  • Informative dashboards and scoreboards
  • Customized reporting
  • Compelling data visualization

Following are examples of how businesses have put RDS data science to work:

  • Advanced CIP analysis
  • Fraud reduction/protection
  • Predict consumer banking defaults and optimize recovery treatments
  • Location-based target marketing through geo-spatial analysis
  • Identifying “like kind” customers and clustering analysis
  • Association rules and retail market basket analysis

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