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When a weather analyst predicts precipitation they will report the “chance of rain or snow” and measure that precipitation in the number of inches. Our Rainfall model works in a very similar way and is a groundbreaking analytical model that serves as the foundation for PAYMETRIX.

In particular, when assessing the viability of legal action, the Rainfall model provides two critical insights:

What is the probability of rain?

Through the Rainfall model, RDS considers numerous variables to determine the probability that a consumer will pay. No other industry resource offers this level of depth and accuracy.

How much rain will fall?

Once the probability to pay is determined, the probability is used along with another set of variables to determine how much the consumer will pay.

In total, there are 76 different variables incorporated into the Rainfall model that calculates a probability-adjusted net-present-value for each individual account. The final step is to determine the costs associated with pursuing this treatment.

  • How much does this account decision cost?
  • The cost to litigate is very expensive and time consuming. The Rainfall™ model carefully considers these costs at the account level when determining the appropriate treatment.
  • The final result is a profitability index that provides RDS unparalleled insight into:

  • Focusing on the right accounts to optimize revenue
  • Eliminating costs by not wasting valuable resources on the wrong accounts.

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