Paymetrix AD

Identifying and prioritizing legal collection decisions

We all know that mistakes can be costly when determining whether or not to litigate a case. Many in our industry have expended considerable costs and significant energy chasing down cases that had little to no chance of paying back the investment. Therefore, to eliminate the guess work in account decisioning, RDS developed PAYMETRIX AD.

PAYMETRIX AD identifies a consumer’s ability to pay a financial obligation based on its proprietary RAINFALL data analysis model. AD identifies and prioritizes legal collection decisions allowing clients to collect:

* The most profitable accounts, in the right channel

* In the right order

* Optimizing costs and minimizing waste

Consider the PAYMETRIX AD difference:

  • Innovative, proprietary technology
  • High quality identification and verification accuracy
  • Profitability index determines best treatments
  • Priority ranking of accounts
  • Industry-leading liquidation results
  • Focused, efficient litigation strategies
  • Proven cost/benefit search model

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