Paymetrix AI

Unmatched asset identification and verification

The asset recovery industry often relies on sources of inexpensive, but outdated and inaccurate asset information, from which creditors are left to make critical decisions on how and when to invest in recovery activities. This results in inefficient and ineffective decision-making and has generated billions of dollars worth of dormant judgments. Once dormant, these judgments are often ignored. Not only is there opportunity to significantly improve recovery decisions at the outset, but there is also a tremendous opportunity to revitalize dormant judgments.

Paymetrix AI, for Asset Identification, gives you the power to IDENTIFY previously undiscovered consumer ASSETS. We have proven through years of experience and data that these assets will help you make better decisions on which accounts to pursue and will increase recovery on otherwise exhausted receivable portfolios.

Our Asset Identification model offers the industry two distinct advantages over any other asset identification programs:

Enhanced “hit” performance

Unfortunately, most verified hits from many of the industry’s data providers are anything but! The information looks great on the front end, but can be very costly on the back end when it proves inaccurate. Through PAYMETRIX AI, RDS has taken the guesswork out of identifying payers by combining two powerful tools:

  • Information available from proprietary databases
  • Exclusive partnerships with vendors otherwise unavailable to our industry

Higher liquidation rates

Finding consumers who will pay through our enhanced hit process is only step one. The next step is determining how much they will pay. Through our sophisticated data science approach, we are able to deliver liquidation rates that are up to 3 times higher than those delivered through a typical asset search process.

PAYMETRIX AI is a groundbreaking process for four reasons:
1. Finds and delivers data others have been unable to locate
2. Guarantees accuracy of data across many sources
3. Transforms that data into actionable information
4. This information leads to meaningful collection results and higher yield

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